We Use a Full Service Tree Service in Nassau County That Does Everything

When we moved here I could not wait for the cool season so we could use our fireplace. We had the chimney and fireplace inspected, and I even built a small fire in it during one cool night we happened to have in July. It was still way to hot to be having a fireplace going. I found a tree service in Nassau County that sells firewood. They brought out a couple of cords of wood that we bought for the winter season that was fast approaching. Then a couple of big thunderstorms hit, and we had a tree go down in our front yard. It snapped off almost at the base. I have a small chainsaw and cut up what was blocking the sidewalk and the road while it was still raining and windy out.

The tree service in Nassau County did the rest. It was a really big tree! They cut it up and used a chipper on the small limbs. I kept some of the smaller diameter log pieces to dry them for firewood, and they took the big pieces. I did not have a log splitter, and I certainly did not want to be doing that by hand. Yes, I like the idea of a cozy fire, but I am not all about cutting my own wood to feed it. The other trees in the yard needed a good trimming, so we had them prune them back. They looked a little odd, but the new growth the next season had them looking better than they did before the pruning. The key is to not wait to long between prunings. Keep up on it every year and your trees will maintain a nice shape. We found out the tree service also does landscaping, so we had them back in the spring to spruce up the front and back yards.